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Spring Registration

2022 Fall Registration is now open for all teams in 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U and HS Divisions. Our spring season runs from April 1 until May 30 with a playoff tournament the second weekend of June.  You will schedule 10 games prior to the start of the season around your own calendar. All rosters must be approved by the Board prior to the scheduling meeting.

To register, simply fill out the Team App form found below and email to Andy at Your roster and fee of $175 is due prior to the scheduling meeting in mid-March. If your roster remains unchanged from fall, simply let Andy know to copy it for spring.

Please review our Rules (found below) for details on what is considered a legal roster. We do have an Open division with no roster limits. Open teams will both scrimmage with Liberty competition and play amongst themselves. Our Liberty division is usually for more experienced teams and allows for greater abilities for out of towners to play. Freedom teams are for less experienced teams and teams that stick closely to geographical limits. 

Scheduling Meeting at Maple Shade Happy Hour Club (746 E Laurelton Ave)  on TBD  All team apps must be in by March 10th to be admitted to scheduling meeting.

8U, 12U and HS- 6-715pm

10U and 14U- 715-845pm


$175 team registration fees (spring) or $100 (fall) can either be mailed to:

PO BOX 324, Maple Shade, NJ 08052

Or sent via PayPal to: United Girls Softball Association (

Important Pre-Season Information

Prior to the season: It is your job to confirm your schedule that is on our website. If you see a mistake, point it out. I suggest doing this at the beginning of every week as well. If there is a mistake there, the umpire will not arrive. The home team will have to pay $60 to compensate an umpire that is sent to the wrong time or location.

How to report a mistake or to reschedule: Email me at with this information in this specific format, I am handling over 60 teams plus my own program. I cannot take the time to play detective and figure out your shorthand.

How to report a cancellation: Send me the game being cancelled in the below format. CC the opposing coach. If it is within three hours of game time, text me as well at 609 304-7598.




MYAA field 4


SH Angels

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MYAA field 4


SH Angels



NEW Umpire payment guidelines:

  • Cancel via proper channels results in no payment.
  • Cancel within two hours of game time without advance warning at prior to two hours: $25 travel charge.
  • Cancel within arrival of umpire (within ten minutes to game start): $60 game fee ($50 for 8U.)

Guidelines for safety:

  • The season is for those who want to be out there. If anyone is uncomfortable at any time given the current climate, they should have the ability to stop participating immediately.
  • At any point that the State or other authorities change their stance in any way regarding game play, the UGSA will likewise make appropriate changes.
  • Any individual with a family member showing any known or suspected symptoms of COVID must not attend. Players should be screened for symptoms including a fever just prior to attending the game.
  • Umpires will adhere to same pre-game standard of symptom check, including temperature screening prior to getting out of their car.

Approved Bat List

We will utilize the USA softball approved bat list. The link is below. 8U will still not allow any composite bats at any time.  Any team found in violation knowingly will be fined $50 to be paid before their next game.

Spring 2022 Tournaments

Lady Brawlers Tourneys-

(A/B and C level brackets)
Sat 4/16 - Easter One Day 
Sat 5/7 - Mothers Day is for MOM
Sat/Sun 6/25-6/26 - Summer Rumble

Medford Renegade Rumble (May 14th-15th)

McKeever Tournament (June 4th and 5th)

UGSA Playoffs (June 11th and 12th)

UGSA Summer Classic (June 18th and 19th)